Besides providing top quality elevator components, ZZIPCO also builds parts kits wherein the hardware completes the unit through labor-intensive assembly. ZZIPCO offers a cost savings program on volume machined parts or ware items that require warehousing to maintain an annual estimated usage and uninterrupted supply chain management approach.

Send us an e-mail request or drawing, and we will decide what savings can be attained and what programs could be developed to remove the headaches associated with outside contract manufacturing and sourcing.


We have PCB factory and Engineering Staff for your custom made PCB board assembly sourcing. We also perform 100% functional testing of each PCB board prior to factory departure.

ZZIPCO Circuit Supports ALL Your Rigid Printed Circuit Board Needs:

  • Single Sided
  • Double Sided
  • 16+ Multilayer
  • Plated Thru & SMT
  • Prototype
  • Pilot
  • Production
  • Ship to your schedule with safety stock at NJ for monthly releases.
  • PCB Design Capabilities      

Sourcing process:

  1. We will request a Gerber image file & Bill of Materials (BOM) from you.
  2. We will quote you the best price for FOB in NJ with monthly release program in our warehouse.
  3. We will ask for testing fixture or E-prints for the PCB board after our quotation has being confirmed.
  4. We will provide first article samples with 100% functional test for your approval.
  5. Production runs will be provided upon receipt of your purchase order.

Our engineering staff will work with your R&D and engineering Department to understand the complete functional of the PCB board that we will produce for you. We can also design your testing fixtures.


Like metal stamping, we can offer you a first article of approval for sign-off to give reassurance and confidence that we will conduct reverse engineering to your specifications.

Casting and welding components are incorporated on everything from elevators to machinery, and transportation equipment

ZZIPCO conducts a 100% quality assurance parts inspection on every component to ensure that any defects are detected immediately and prior to shipment.


If we can’t match the product, you won’t be charged. While we will not revise the material or your design, we often do find flaws in the actual part samples and engineering drawings that we receive which then gives us the opportunity to enhance upon your approval.

Contract and other manufacturers often request items that do not fit their profile and often cannot be accurately quoted. Repeat components with regular volumes and annual estimated usages are ideally suited for custom contract manufacturing through sourcing. Reverse engineering allows ZZIPCO to match your criteria for product quality. 

Some stamped or CNC type components with extremely high usage may not be available for off-shore manufacturing. If we cannot be competitive on pricing, we will advise you to search domestically for the best price.


Consider ZZIPCO as your reliable multi-vendor and assembly source to eliminate any confusion you may have and give our ZZIPCO team your vote of confidence!

We have several customers that source from twelve different vendors or more to create the necessary ingredients to complete a particular multi-part assembly. The procurement paperwork and process is time consuming and expensive. With ZZIPCO, there will no longer be a need to keep inventory of many items incorporated into each component. We can manufacture, assemble, and package the component as one unit for you. ZZIPCO can mate plastics, metal, machined, fastener components, ect… into one assembled channel source.